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What she's doing... A jack of many trades, Alexandra Izzo was born and raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Theater and Film. From childhood, she discovered a love for musical theater and the stage. With a passion for entertaining others and making them both smile and laugh, she pursued many other avenues of entertainment. Including, but not limited to, film, acting, singing, dancing, writing and fitness. Shortly after turning 25 in 2015, Alex decided to make her way to Los Angeles, California, to follow her dreams in the entertainment business in Film. Alex's last stage production was in Sweeney Todd (Ensemble), Into the Woods (The Witch), the Diary of Anne Frank (Mrs. Frank), and many more. Alex has also been apart of many Improv and Sketch comedy groups, bringing laughter to all. Insomniac Events has also provided her with many opportunities to continue live character work being a part of a traveling music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, where she is a clown named Petunia. She hopes to continue her love for comedy and character work to short films and written sketches. Not only does Alex have a love for the stage, she adores being in front of the camera as well. She recently became SAG eligible, and is still recurring in various superhero roles in a web series named, the SuperHeroines (Recurring). Stunt work and fight choreography is also a big part of this show. In addition, Alex was classically trained for 19 years in piano, violin and voice. She performed with the Phoenix Children's Choir for 2 years, and traveled to Germany to compete in the World Choral Olympics; returning with Silver. She has won three competitions (so far) to sing the National Anthem at large events, one including the opening for the Phoenix Suns. Currently, Alex's voice and words seems to be speaking volumes by finding its way onto tracks, demos and her very own EP release, which can be found under the music section. In 2014, she won Female Actor of the Year at the IMTA in New York, and bringing home four other medals for various categories. Fitness has also made an impact in her life, after all, your body is your instrument. Sponsored by StrongGirl, a supplement and nutritional brand, she's making her way to the top. She also enjoys competing on stage in fitness/ bikini competitions here and there always looking to perfect her body.   What she's like... Hi. My name is Alexandra. Alex for short, if you like, just because Alexandra can sometimes be a mouthful. I was born in the desert in Arizona.  I love dreaming, whether it is during the day or night, my head is always in the clouds. I love piano, singing and drawing. I also love fitness. I do not like math, it confuses me. I love different languages. I speak a little bit of German. I love to dance in my room; sometimes with my sisters. Techno music has always made me smile. I think it is important to always remember to have fun, but don't lose sight of what is important. I always try to remember, that everything you have ever wanted is always on the other side of fear <3. I have a dog, I love him. His name is Vegas. He is cute, full of love and loves meeting people. I love to play in the rain, because where I am from, it is always sunny. I am Italian. I have a huge family. I have curly hair, which I grew to love. I am 25 now, but I will always keep my inner child aglow. I used to have horrible eyesight, but I got that fixed. Any time I get the chance to play or be silly, I will always take that opportunity. I adore performing for people and having a huge audience, but my secret is, I love being alone. Although I am an extrovert, I can sometimes be an introvert. I like to make myself laugh. Laughing, I think is the best feeling. I have met tons of wonderful people in my life so far and hope to meet more. I think a lot.  I will always have a love for the arts and people who would like to share their love for the arts as well. I love creating energies with other people. I look up to a lot of people, and I hope one day someone can look up to me. I have great empathy and compassion for people. Sometimes, people just need a hug.  You are wonderful, and never stop going for your dreams.  Thanks for reading, following and loving. signature