monday, april 21, 2014

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hi all, I already just wrote an entire blog post, but then my computer froze, and of course, I lost everything. ugh annoying. Not to mention I am typing with one hand because I broke my wrist, so everything takes 10x longer than it should. 🙁 woe is me! I just got back from Germany, and I'm home, but I broke my wrist, so moving to cali is postponed. for more updates and personal info, you can follow my public Facebook updates (click the + below and click 'follow' under Facebook.) Also, follow me on Instagram @alexandraizzo. On a brighter note, I have been getting into modeling more, and I have been getting into the studio with Nuck n Futz recording some new tracks! I'll post some later!:) if you guys have any questions for me that you would like me to answer on my blog ( and yes, i will write more if i have questions to answer lol), just shoot me an email with your questions and i'll post them here! 🙂 but first, let me take a #selfie... 8an0a

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