monday, september 18, 2012

Wow been a while since have updated my blog! But I think I finally have exited the transition stage after college. PHEW. Just bought a new computer for all my art purposes. Installed Logic Pro, so creating music is underway! Just did a couple of recordings with Angello Black and some other DJ's. In modeling news, I just recently took some amazing pictures with the photographer Saidur Rob. Charles Azzi did my hair and it looked AMAZING! I have another shoot scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, so I am keeping busy as a bee. Of course, still working away at Houston's, and you can find me dancing the night away on select fridays at Axis Radius!   Make sure you get your tickets to SoundWave at Bigsurf on September 29th! Calvin Harris is headlining and, yours truly will be dancing!!   Alex <3

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